Hello, World!

Welcome to my corner of the Web!

This is the personal website of Thomas Van Acker, known on the Internet as Bitscuit. Thomas is currently studying for his degrees in Computer Science Engineering and Electrical Engineering at Ghent University.

In his spare time, he designs and develops hardware and software for all kinds of fun projects. This website serves as a portfolio to showcase these projects.

UGent Racing

Since the summer of 2021, Thomas has been an active member of the UGent Racing team. Together with other students, they design and build a self-driving electric racecar from scratch to compete in the Formula Student competitions.

As an electrical engineer, Thomas helped design the electronic circuits and embedded software for various safety systems in the 2nd generation racecar. He is now the system architect and coordinates the development of the Low Voltage System. He also works on the schematics and software of the Battery Management System for the 3rd generation racecar.

For more information about UGent Racing, visit their website.

Singularity Game Development

Together with some friends, Thomas founded a small game studio to develop various mobile games. They started publishing their games on the Google Play Store in 2018 and reached over 10k downloads with their survival game "CC". What started as an educational experience ended up bringing joy to many.

A list of apps from Singularity Game Development can be found on Google Play.

The Singularity Beast

In 2018 Thomas participated with some friends in the Solar Olympics competition and developed a solar-powered research boat to remotely measure and analyse the water quality of lakes. They won both the Technology Award and the Public Award.

More information can be found on the project website (dutch).


You can contact Thomas via email on address p8ubl2ic@bi1ts61cui3t.b3e with all digits removed.